Frequently Asked Questions: Belize Retreat


Belize Retreat

Do I need a passport?

Yes!  Please make sure it is valid for 6 months after your return date from this Belize retreat (this is becoming a standard requirement).  If not, renew it NOW so that you have a valid passport in time for your trip.

Do I need a travel visa?

If you are traveling from the US, you do not need a visa.  If you are traveling from another country, please check with your federal travel authorities to determine whether a visa is necessary.

Do I need vaccines or malaria medication?

There are no mandatory vaccines for residents of the US or Canada to enter Belize, however you may choose to update your tetanus or other vaccines.  It is best to check with your doctor at least a month in advance of your trip to discuss.  Belize is not in a malaria zone, no medication is needed. 

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes, we request travel insurance for all participants.  It is recommended that you purchase travel insurance as soon as you place your deposit for the retreat, so that you are assured of the best coverage.  Travel Guard has a good reputation, but there are other options as well. When you book, Travel Guard insurance is available through our booking agent, Journeys of the Spirit.  

Do I need to change money?

Nope! There is no need if you have US currency.  The exchange rate is $1 US to $2 Belize, and US dollars are widely accepted. Easy!

What language is spoken in Belize?

English is the official language and almost all residents speak English.  All tours are in English.  Other languages depend on the area.  In the rainforest, you may hear Spanish or Mayan dialects, while at the beach you will likely hear Kriol and Garifuna. It’s a wonderfully diverse country, and easy to communicate!

How much cash should I bring?

This varies widely, depending on your spending habits and whether you wish to use a credit card.  Most shops take credit cards, some restaurants do while others are cash-only.  $150 should more than cover what you need in terms of necessities, including meals out during the beach portion of our stay.  If you plan to use your credit card in Belize, make sure to call your bank prior to leaving the US to put a travel alert on your card (otherwise they may decline the charges you make in Belize).  While there are ATMs in Belize, often the lines are long and we can’t guarantee you will be able to get to an ATM when you need one.

Is there wifi?

Yes, however it is generally slower than what we are used to in the US and Canada.  Plan to use wifi for messages and email.  It is often not strong enough to download e-books or videos, so make sure you do that prior to your Belize retreat.

Will my phone work?

Generally, yes.  Belize has a call prefix of 501.  If you need to call a Belize number from a US phone, dial 011-501-and then the 7 digit number.  Many cell carriers have very affordable international plans, check with your carrier prior to departure.

Do I need an outlet adapter?

No, the outlets are the same as the US and Canada.  Please leave hairdryers, electric shavers, and similar appliances at home – our jungle lodge generates its power via solar and water – we want to conserve this resource.  Phones and kindles can be recharged without a problem, remember to bring your charging cords.

Is there TV?

Our jungle lodge does not have televisions.  Our beach hotel does, however we will cover these and keep them turned off.  The focus of our retreat is on rest and rejuvenation, therefore we’ll minimize media as much as possible.

What’s the weather like?

AH-MAZING!!!!!!   Belize is a tropical climate with temperature averages from 60-85 degrees.  The nights tend to be a bit cool, while days are generally warm and sunny.  There are occasional rain showers which don’t last long.  The dry season is February through May, with less rainfall during this time.  A sweater or jacket is recommended for cool evenings and ocean breezes.  Make sure you bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses for sun protection. And get ready for the best week of the year – your week in Belize!

What is your refund policy?

This is a non-refundable retreat, it is your responsibility to purchase travel insurance so that you can make a claim if you need to cancel or become ill while traveling.  All claims will be processed through your insurance carrier, we are happy to provide any documentation you need to complete your claim.

I have a special diet, can this be accommodated?

Of course!  Gluten-free, paleo vegetarian, vegan – not a problem!  That said, if you have specific questions about food availability or if you have severe allergies, please contact us prior to booking.

What physical fitness level do I need to participate?

Our activities are suitable for most folks.  While high physical fitness is not necessary for our Belize retreat, activities do include moderate walking, hiking, and ability to handle uneven terrain such as trails and steps.  If your mobility is limited, please check with us prior to booking.  Our jungle lodging includes some steps in certain areas of the property.  Snorkeling is suitable for those who can swim or are willing to wear a lifejacket while on the excursion.