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Why did Dr. Jennifer create TrueHealth Programs?

When she was pregnant, Dr. Jennifer felt that she needed a great resource for all her health-related questions. Her doctor did not have the answers to her questions. She searched high and low, but found that most websites and books had information that was one-sided, either too mainstream medical or too crunchy granola. Both approaches made her feel she was not getting the whole story, so she sought to create a resource that had all the best information in one place. Quite simply, these programs have the best information available about natural health. Put together by expert naturopathic physicians, you will receive quality information that you can put to use immediately to improve your life. Dr. Jennifer has put the information together in a way that makes sense for you, and can be customized as you gain knowledge about your health.

Who are TrueHealth Programs for?

Anyone looking for solid natural health information and willing to commit a little bit of time to complete a program. Adults, parents, veterans, women, men – we have something for you here at Truehealth Programs. All participants must be age 18 or above.

Is this for me?

Yes! You can do this! Simply put, you have the time to commit to learning how to improve your life and your health. In as little at 10 minutes a day, you can learn our proven techniques to transform your life.

Dr. Jennifer’s influences:

Dr. Jennifer has studied amongst some of the best doctors and natural health experts on the planet, as well as completing her own research to bring you the absolute best information, tips, and tricks available to transform your health. Bringing together historically proven remedies with cutting edge science, these aspects of Truehealth Programs will bring you the power to change your life and your health.

TrueHealth Programs are “Middle of the Road”:

Truehealth Programs brings a balanced approach to wellness. We are not going to tell you to toss conventional medicine aside, and we’re not going to tell you natural medicine can heal all ills. Because it’s not true! Dr. Jennifer’s approach is a balanced combination of modern medicine and historically proven natural remedies.

What TrueHealth Programs is NOT:

We are not the boss of you. And we’re not your doctor.   Since the programs live online and on a website, you should approach all information as for educational purposes only. It is essential that you consult your health care provider prior to making changes to your medications, or prior to starting a dietary or supplement plan. Really, we’re not kidding.


Ready to take steps toward improved health? Great! Check out our available programs.


The Ultimate Stress Solution

3 All Natural Ways to Achieve Success… Without the Stress

This Report Carries the Secret Keys to Ditch Stress and Achieve Greater Fulfillment and Success in Your Life.

You'll Learn:

  • How to Stop Your Stress Response
  • Calm Your Cortisol so you are coming from a position of strength and power
  • My Secret Chill-Out Cordial Recipe (this stops stress FAST)
  • How to Finally Heal the Root Cause of Stress… Without Side Effects
  • How to Ditch Your Overwhelm, Foggy Thinking, Fatigue, and Lack of Motivation to achieve what you want

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