Program FAQs

The most-oft-asked questions about our programs have answers below.

What do I get with program purchase?

You get unlimited access to all video, audio, worksheets, and resources for the duration of your program. With that comes peace of mind that you are accessing the very finest natural health information available. In addition, many programs include a private Facebook group where you can interact with your program leader and other participants. This is a fantastic way to get your questions answered and experience being part of a group where everyone has the same goals.

Where do you get the program information?

Dr. Jennifer and the TrueHealth team travel the world and research constantly to bring you the absolute best information available. This means you will get a blend of time-tested natural medicine information, combined with cutting-edge science. Our experience with thousands of patients and program participants before you tells us that this information works.

Can you be my doctor?

Well, shucks, you are very sweet to ask. But, see, to be your doctor, we have to see you in the office in person. If you would like to travel to Portland Oregon to work with Dr. Jennifer, please click here. Otherwise, the documents you sign as you go through the registration for any TrueHealth Program specify that we are serving as educators, not doctors. We will not be diagnosing your health issues or prescribing any medications or supplements.

What if I don’t like the program?

Every program comes with a money-back guarantee, which requires that you return every completed worksheet within a month of purchase for us to process your refund. We are very sure that if you do the work, you will experience more health benefits than you ever imagined.

Where do I get the products mentioned in the programs?

We have our handy store for that very purpose, just check with your healthcare provider prior to beginning any new health regime.

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