Testimonial – Help with High Blood Sugar

Michele H. Testimonial for TrueHealth ProgramsIn March of 2014, I was diagnosed with high blood sugar. After my annual physical, I received a call from my Primary Care Physician that I had diabetes and needed to lose weight right away. He said he was going to test my blood sugar again in four weeks to see which direction it was headed (up or stable). And that’s where he left me. He didn’t offer any help or guidance other than to tell me I needed to lose weight. We had many discussions prior to that about my weight and he made suggestions about losing weight by counting calories. I tried that and it would constantly fluctuate but never decrease.

Needless to say, the news about my blood sugar had me very panicked. I reached out across the country to Dr. Jennifer for help. Dr. Jennifer didn’t hesitate to talk to me about my situation, to listen to my questions and to make some solid health recommendations for me. From a distance, Dr. Jennifer stayed steadfastly by my side. I always felt like I had her support as she taught me how to take control of my health and to become an active participant in it.

Even though we are three thousand miles apart, I feel like I have the help I need in my own neighborhood. Dr. Jennifer takes her time to explain health in ways that make sense to me, she helps me understand why I feel what I feel, and offers some sensible and obtainable solutions.

Since March, I have changed my entire diet, lowered my blood sugar well out of the danger zone and have reaped the benefits of a healthy lifestyle. I have a long road ahead of me still, but now I feel more educated about my health, my body and my diet. I also have learned to ask my Primary Care Physician more probing questions and to ask for greater explanations about what my diagnoses are instead of sitting idly by accepting the information at face value. And, since I made the decision to listen to Dr. Jennifer and her health recommendations, I have more energy and vigor than I have had in almost twenty years. My life had changed and I am eternally grateful.

Michele H.

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